Rasel Reyes

Art credits for the sweet character drawings I use on many pages goes to Rasel Reyes known as raseltokwa on Fiverr.

Meet Rasel Reyes

 Rasel is from the Philippines. I’m am a UX/UI Designer by day and a Comicstrip Artist on most of my free time 🙂

Specialties: Digital Art, Cartooning, Graphic Design

Links: Fiverr | Bēhance

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Captain Simona, my co-blogger on All The Things Inbetween loves pirates, zombies, and books. I asked Rasel to combine all three. Here she is dressed up to play a pirate, reading a book with a zombie book mark.

This is going to be part of our All The Things Inbetween header. I figure cosplay bookish nerds need to embrace the awesome.


alicrean (1)

What is not to love, it’s me dressed up like Bunny!

Bunny is my cat, she is a Manx Calico, that means she is confetti colored without a tail. She has a little poof button, joystick tail that I find adorable to see wiggle around.

But being adorable isn’t her only job, she is also my bestie and soul sharer. We are never far apart from one another at home and we share the woes and happies of life. She gets sick when I am sick and I get comfortable and content when she is.

Yes, I’m a crazy cat lady.



I needed something that better complimented Simona’s outfit for the header of All The Things Inbetween than the kitty cosplay and Rasel and I tossed around a couple ideas. We settled on Alice in Wonderland with Buns as the Cheshire Cat. I love it! But now I’m burning to know what I would look like as The Mad Hatter. Rasel has that order right now and he is working on the concept presently.

I am aware that I am more of a Mad Hatter than Alice.


alicrean4 (1)Continuing the Alice in Wonderland theme, Rasel came through with this cute drawing. I am unsure Bunny appreciated being mad like me, but she has tried more than once to make that crazy face when I wouldn’t feed her my Pirate Booty.

To create this I sent a few images of what I was thinking to Rasel, he took my ideas and then sent me a sketch, which I made a ton of revisions and no doubt made him want to draw a less public drawing of me with horns and a mustache.

I’m already starting to think on what will be next. Time for my sister to be drawn I think.