Dawnee Fuentes

IMG_0687Author Bio:

Fledgling author D.D. Shaw adores all things romance and truly believes in lust at first sight. When she isn’t writing about love and smutty situations, she is usually glued to her monitor working on her masters. If she’s really lucky she finds the time to devour romance novels, explore her photography, or play video games with her four amazing kiddies.

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In her own words as Dawnee Fuentes:

My bachelors is in Graphic Information Technology. Fancy way of saying I graphic design, web design, and some 3D modeling with Maya. I love it all, but I’m a mother, which makes me better at bossing people around. Before she [Dena] died I was super regimented about schoolwork and when I worked I was very disciplined and organized. I loved it. Now my desk is a hellhole with bills piled on it. Needless to say, I have severe writers block, hence incomplete research. Got the actual research done, just can’t write it. I have some ideas for writing. Unfortunately, when I sit at the computer I start to freak out. Like, really freak out. I want to write. I hope to write. I will again. Soon.