Hi, I’m Ali =)

AliBunnyI am a blogger, reader, writer, gamer, crime fighter, and fictional character. I spend my days with four very strong willed felines who have been strongly influencing me to become a better soul.

I adore kids. I love listening to children talk to one another; there is nothing so politically incorrect in all the best ways. The magic they hold in imagination and laughter is better than any known ‘reality check’.

I believe in laughing, #hashtags, boba tea, kpop, post-hardcore music, and the beach. I believe that I will be reincarnated to be sunrise in my next life.

My most favorite person in the world other than my guy is my sister, who I love more than she loves me. It’s an ongoing debate but I’m older and therefore have more experience loving her. We call one another ‘sister’ or ‘Pip’ which no doubt sounds totally strange when we have a conversation back and forth around strangers.
<3 #teamsisters

Gimme Mexican food and I will follow you anywhere. I also am addicted to Pirate Booty, jelly beans and spinach. Coffee runs through my veins: weak black, with Splenda, nothing flavored. My mom thinks she raised me better than to drink black coffee but I was using selective hearing ages 3 through 27.
<3 #teamcoffee