9 Things: First day of NaNoWriMo 2016


  1. There are not enough antonyms for douche, bitch, asshole, harpy. I clearly need to make some up.
  2. Writing makes me evil and happy. And so happy to be evil.
  3. Is it to early to adore my heroine but love my hero?
  4. I’m angsty as hell on the inside. I thought I’d spanked my inner moppet in therapy and shook this all out.
  5. Joss Whedon references never get old.
  6. I plan everything in detail but only do sketchy lists for writing.
  7. INXS is out of this playlist. Sorry Michael Hutchence’s ghost, you disrupt my jam.
  8. In writing mode I have no kindness or understanding.
  9. Your tears will grow my garden of inspiration. Cry. Please, cry for me.

Okay the last one is creepy as hell but if you are a writer you KNOW what I’m talking about.